Audio In/Through from Audiobus

Hey all, been pretty busy lately so not been so focussed on iOS stuff. Got a gig coming up soon though so as necessity calls..!

I’m working on my setup and I can’t see an immediately intuitive way to set up Audiobus Audio out into BM3. I figured that I’d just select an Audiobus port as the input of an Audio track.

Is there a simple way to do this or is it iCA4+ solution time?



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    What you assume is what I would also assume, and after doing some testing I found that we are both wrong, at least currently. I don't have AB3, so I did this with AB2.

    First thing I did was try the logical route of loading AB2, adding an instrument, adding an effect, then adding BM3 in the output slot. I looked all over to find a way to get the AB2 chain output set as an input to an audio track, and I couldn't find anything. I've not put this to any real use yet, but I had some vague memory of seeing Audiobus somewhere in BM3. Then I found it - in the bank pad plugin input screen. :| Yep, looks like this might be the only way to do it currently, but it works. =)

    So is this a feature request or a bug report? Audiobus output, with BM3 loaded in the output slot, should be an option anywhere in BM3 where audio input can be configured, such as on audio tracks.

  • Oh, and if you really need the output of AB3 to go to an audio track, you can route the audio first to a pad in a bank, and then you can route that pad to an audio track. =) (just tested and it works)

  • Thanks for looking into this. Saved me a lot of searching around inside the app/routing audio through Audio Interface and back in again (or some such!).

    I think "bug/feature request" is a pretty accurate balance! I feel that it should logically work the way we expected it.

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