Hey everyone! I had the honor of interviewing Mathieu G, creator of BeatMaker

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Hey everyone!

This is Matthew from AudioKit. For those who want to learn more about how their favorite music apps are made, we’ve started a new series interviewing audio app developers. It’s kind of like Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, but, with app developers.

The latest video is with Intua's own Mathieu Garcia!

Watch the interview here:

Ep4: Mathieu Garcia, creator of BeatMaker. Big Thanks to Mathieu for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer questions from the iOS community!


  • Good stuff =) thanks for doing the interview and sharing!

  • Cool to put the name to a face and nice production. Cheers

  • Sounds like we are getting a redesign

  • Thank you Matt, great interview!

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    Good stuff, only one request, if youinterview anybody else at Intua or indeed anywhere else, can you pop in here and ask for our questions ;)
    Going to sticky for a while.

  • Really enjoyed the interview. My only minor feedback was that it would have been nice to have referenced this forum. So much hard work has gone into improving the app here and sharing the knowledge. It is integral to why I want to use BM3 as my sole iOS DAW. Nice one, though.

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    Thank you, everyone! You're 100% right. My apologies. I should have come here first. You're the most knowledgeable BM users. I added a link to the Intua forums in the video description:

  • Paraphrasing the quote but

    "There is some limitation in every app on every platform, but try to adapt to that and be creative with what you have."

    Is exactly the ethos that had me banging out chiptunes on gameboy for 10 years before I upgraded to 16bit tracking on PSP... and eventually 64bit "sky's the limit" iPad production.


  • @analogMatt keep up the good work Matt. On all fronts.

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