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    I am glad to see you all expressing the opinions needed and adding value to the whole topic as a whole. It makes me feel joy and happiness to see the addressors.

    From the very beginning of my arrival to the forums, I have been trying to address something of Intua’s future unwritten. It is difficult to put into a communication method all can understand because some of us may be generationally gapped, speak differently (language), or hold a level of information; however, we still are able to understand one another even if in our own weighted opinions.

    With this said, there are many things to be discussed/done before Mathieu can even address it for his self or others.

    Some questions to ponder yourself:
    I. What does Intua mean to you?
    II. What does INTUA expressed as typed mean to you?
    III. How many next generations will no longer select to try a product if ‘beat’ is limited in definition?
    IV. What is Intua’s future roadmap of undefined possibilities AND potential?
    V. In a minority/middle/majority scenario for the next generations to come, what would come first ‘entitlement’ or ‘exploration’? Even the product itself wants you to ‘dig’!
    VI. What is inside a ‘beat’ AND what is outside a ‘beat’?
    Is ‘beat’ the valid word?
    VII. Who or what is really a ‘beat’ + ‘maker’?
    VIII. What if Intua has more potential than ‘music’? After all, some third party plugins and ‘hosts’ such as Beatmaker 3 already serve purpose in other fields of study and at least IMO become much more valued than how it stands ‘now’. We are finding data in waves! Water, flow, earth. Physics. Meta and non-meta.
    IX. Does curiosity and mystery hold any value? Are you ‘curious george’ or are you ‘curious world’?
    X. Do you lead to follow your own leads AND/OR Do you follow to lead your own following?
    XI. What flows off your lips? A ‘plosive’ B? What if we are A = B. Into A? In + to + a ?WHAT? What flows from your fingers, hands? Is it your senses? Your intuition? Where are your eyes? Are you in many views or are you not in many views?

    I’m seeing keywords being used across many fields of study that relate. It brings up very complex topics, but the philosophy is no longer of as much importance because one could go one forever. Instead it is the feedback mechanism cycle that holds validity. A syncretism for lack of a better ideology.

    When a company hits 3 and needs to move past this, human error in business is this:

    Keep it the same name.

    We simply cannot just choose a new name for the product line until we come in agreement of what this product is. And it is part of a ‘logical’ system. We can’t use ‘logic’ because Apple has manifested that idea, but we can use it’s lowercase and reason with that. Apple is even our current leader in mobile creative industries. We are in fact fine with that for creative endeavors, yes? Look at all musical products hardware or software. Here are some of their names existing to survive or building future today:

    Ableton Live
    Apple Logic
    Steinberg Cubase/Cubasis
    Notation Launchpad (Circuit, etc.)
    Native Instruments Maschine (etc..)
    Roli Sea- (Blocs, etc)
    The independent Devs (bringing tools to life)

    ABOVE...the small list.

    This company and its users are the ‘brand’. The ‘product’. This is symbiosis we are dealing with. Synoptics we are dealing with.

    Make ‘I’, Make ‘U’, Make ‘past 3(US)’, In (en or ine) (Tu)2 Ahhhh Maker(S)

    Not spiritual, not philosophic, not scientific.

    Justification and logic. Error checking..

    Company(INTUA) (Purpose)Intuamaker. This is sound and answer IMO. And I would even support my claim further from a business POV regarding demographics, human relations, technology advancements, industry, marketing, design, and empirical data.

    A few of you seem to already value this. It isn’t a love affair or interest in the name alone. It’s what will be inside it.

    Mic drop

  • @bleep said:

    @tk32 said:
    Intua Studio?

    Not very imaginative, but it’s the future proof logical choice for a more serious continuation on the Mac platform.

    +1 simple as efficient

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    @znomusic said:

    @bleep said:

    @tk32 said:
    Intua Studio?

    Not very imaginative, but it’s the future proof logical choice for a more serious continuation on the Mac platform.

    +1 simple as efficient

    As long as it includes company name in product name it could possibly work. Not really any point in name change at this moment unless intersection time. Maybe no point at all. Who knows, right?

  • Intua XY

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    @5pinlink said:
    I gave up reading the post right after ""Beat" is just another way to say Track, Tune, Song, Composition, etc. Each has different connotations but is ultimitely saying the same thing."

    Right then i realised that i am just old and have no idea what the non old people want, or the way they talk, a beat to me is a drumbeat, nothing else.

    I’m with yah. I don’t even bother talking to civilians about making music anymore. Was playing with my Circuit on the train (a real train with a table, not a tube) and had a woman in a suit ask me if I was making beats, I said, ‘well there is a melody too’ and she just looked at me like I was the idiot. ;)

    In all fairness I guess I do get the ‘Beat’ thing but I am still pissed I can’t talk about tracks and mixing anymore. ‘oh so you DJ?’ Fawk off.

    I do 3d animation, certainly not as sexy as music but at least terms like vertex and polygon have meant the same bloody things for the past hundred years.

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    @starpause said:
    I like BeatMaker 💩

    Language thoughts:

    • "Beat" is just another way to say Track, Tune, Song, Composition, etc. Each has different connotations but is > ultimitely saying the same thing.

    I love how he rhymes mine and line in this mad beat.

  • Hmm. Let's see...We have Logic...Reason...How about these:

    Intua Smarts
    Intua Genius
    Intua Intelligence
    Intua Rationale
    Intua Sense
    Intua Acumen
    Intua Brain
    Intua Wisdom
    Inuta Wit
    Intua Understanding
    Intua Mentality
    Intua Lucidity
    Intua Intellect

    I'm done. LOL...

  • Just take the iMPC pro name LoL. This is what iMPC should have been doin anyway

  • Meatbaker

  • @JDB said:

    This should be the title of our first community compilation/mixtape :)

  • @tk32 said:

    @JDB said:

    This should be the title of our first community compilation/mixtape :)


  • Sack holder 3.

  • The company name, INTUA, sounds like the English word ‘Intuitive’. It infers that the product is well thought out, and has great UX (User Experience design) which allows the user to stay in the creative flow.

    IMHO, BM3 does not have great UX yet. But it’s a great goal to aim for, so from my perspective, INTUA should be part of the name.

    Like some others, I also found the ‘beat’ part of ‘BeatMaker’ off-putting. I am pretty hopeless at making beats, and I avoid sound libraries. But I’m not looking for a quick fix to my rhythmic issues. Quick fixes are the bane of modern software and nothing good ever came from making the road too easy. Having a range of intuitive tools to create whatever-I-want is far more appealing than something which makes it easy to achieve a generic (if popular) sound. I want to be a creator, not a copier.

    From what I understand, each version of BeatMaker is a completely different beast. I do worry about the longevity of the company and the user base when the software might meet an artist’s needs one year, but not the next. On the other hand, INTUA seems to enjoy reinventing the wheel, and it’s crucial that they remain passionate and enthusiastic. The version system allows them to focus on realising the strengths of the current version, rather than trying to plumb in the kitchen sink, but a number doesn’t communicate much to a new-comer.

    So, here are some name ideas:

    INTUA Artist
    INTUA Canvas (blank canvas)
    INTUA Creator
    INTUA Sampler (the core feature of this version?)

    Perhaps, like ‘Ableton Live’, it doesn’t really matter what comes after the company name. ‘Live’ is a pretty limited definition of a product that is used in many ways. Many people simply refer to the company, ‘Ableton’, a collection of passionate engineers, focussed on creating one highly capable and usable digital musical product.

  • Great post @panoramica

    It makes me curious about the thought process and analysis you applied when picking your username ;)

    On a side note.. does anyone else struggle to name their tracks? I often just go 'stream of consciousness' / ie first thing that pops into the noggin.

  • Swear word, normal word, always works for me.

  • That must be how Urban Dictionary got started..

    Someone got a listing of your project folders ;)

  • Intua Sound Bucket...

  • Bank Jumper

  • knob goblin...

  • Right this has run its course !

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