Setting up Midi in cubasis with BeatMaker

Trying to set up BeatMaker 3 in Cubasis as a midi instrument. A bit frustrating trying to play Rozeta AU midi effects as only one pad is working at a time. Generally finding BeatMaker difficult to integrate!
Anyone any tips? Thanks


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    What exactly are you trying to do ?
    Beatmaker is not a MIDI AU.
    Are you trying to trigger Beatmakers sampler from Cubasis ?
    Where is Rozeta being used, in Cubasis or in Beatmaker ?

    Sorry but your post just isnt very clear at all.

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    Yes you are right sorry maybe I am not understanding how BeatMaker works with midi. Normally if I load an inter app instrument into Cubasis I can play it on the Cubasis keyboard and the midi data is recorded. But not BeatMaker. So I suppose I can only record audio? I thought I could play banks and record midi data. On the drop down menu in bank A etc it has midi settings that include cubasis as an option which confused me. Also I can’t work out how to record anything from BeatMaker into Cubasis even audio. So help with settings I guess would be useful.

  • Well for starters Cubasis does not support the full range of MIDI keys, so that may be what is confusing you, heres a video to look at, might get you started ;)

  • Are you trying to send (Rozeta) MIDI out from BM3 into Cubasis? In that case: you can now also use Rozeta plugins directly inside Cubasis (since yesterday's update), which saves you some steps.

  • @brambos how is Cubasis fairing in the timing list ?
    I haven't had chance to try the update yet.

  • @5pinlink said:
    @brambos how is Cubasis fairing in the timing list ?
    I haven't had chance to try the update yet.

    Really tight, no complaints.

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    Looks like Steinberg did a pretty solid job implementing AU midi - however, they work on the principle of 1 midi plugin per channel, which means you can't (a) trigger multiple channels/sounds/banks from the same single plugin, or (b) daisy chain multiple AU midi plugins like you can with the virtual midi wiring options in BM3.

    I love wiring my chord progressions in Rozeta Cells to trigger an Arpeggio or Collider, which then feeds into my shiny new AUv3 Minimoog Model D B) ...can't do that in Cubasis!

    Makes me feel cooler than when I was rocking the first wave of Nike Air Hurache in 1993 (Age 12)

  • Yes i was pondering the ridiculous possibilities we will have when we have pad to pad audio routing too, fully modular sampler, fully modular synth, fully modular MIDI plugin sequencing.

  • Heh! I had the same Huaraches back in the day (although mine were white/varsity red/yellow iirc).

    And I agree... the modular MIDI wiring of BM3 and AUM opens up a lot more rich, creative possibilities. There is something to be set for the straightforward simplicity of Cubasis' method though. Takes virtually no explanations and only 2 or 3 taps to set it up. I think it fits with their design rationale in general.

    Each DAW environment on iOS is carving out their own niche, which is good. Something for everyone! :)

  • Thanks @brambos ,

    The thing I am most pleased about is that support for AU midi in Cubasis will prompt a fresh wave of Rozeta purchases... enabling you to continue supporting the iOS music scene (our love is in abundance, but that doesn't pay bills)

    This is indeed a very exciting time in mobile music production, similar to the VST boom in the 90s, and as the Hurache ad above states "the future is here"

  • Yeah its good they used Rozeta in their demo video !!

  • Thanks so much for the video. After watching it many times and trying I did manage to get some sounds but it wasn’t seamless!! When I linked it together the sounds in cubasis were a bit different to the sounds in the bank in BeatMaker 3 and then they got stuck and I had to turn off the iPad to stop the music! Will keep trying ....

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