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is there anyway to switch on/off plugins with track automation?

for example - i have an sv filter on a drum track and i would like it activated for some part of my track and de-activated for other parts.

i did try to put the sv filter on an aux channel but i'm losing the sound quality that i want.

an on/off switch option in automation would be great but i can't seem to find this, any thoughts?

thanks in advance.



  • The developers have said this is on the list and will be available in the future ;)

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    The only way to achieve this currently is to use an AUX track as your drum bus (as you already mentioned)

    You'll need to enable pre-fade sends on each of your drum tracks and carefully automate triggering 100% send that coincides with a full drop on the channel's fader (note- by setting pre fade sends cutting the channel's volume levels won't affect the signal going through the AUX channel/bus)

    for non-effected drums
    Channel volume up
    AUX send at 0%

    For effected drums:
    Channel volume at 0
    AUX sends at 100%

    You'll also need to adjust the AUX channel fade to match the source volume

  • You can also use a single macro knob to turn the track/pad fader(s) down while turning the send(s) up. Just set the proper min and max values. But also, when it comes to SV filter, is it not enough to just have the “off” state be fully up or down? That’s what a lot of the store packs do for low pass and high pass knobs.

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    The Macro idea is great, and helps smooth the transition between the two 'modes'. This all makes me wish we had macro switches in addition to dials so you could quickly toggle between two groups of settings.

    For example..

    Switch off: channel volume 80% / AUX1 Send 0%
    Switch on: channel volume 0% / AUX1 Send 100%

    The much simpler solution @Ronji suggests should also work, unless you need the effect to apply across more than 1 bank (in which case creating a AUX drum bus is the only way). @Ronji's suggestion is the method used to add things like high-pass sweeps (for example) to macro dials in many of the IAP sound banks

  • thanks guys, i've tried these methods. my issue is the 2 sv filters need to be on the drum channel. putting the sv filters on an aux and adjusting the levels there would work, but i have the drums going to multiple aux already, so i'm not getting the same sound output as i do in-line.

    if there was send controls on the aux channels then this would work, alas no option for this at the moment.

    i guess i will wait for the on/off option to be released (this would work perfectly for my needs) or rework the track another way to finish it.

    once again, thanks for replying with the great suggestions.

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    @cstep4444 what about leaving the 2 SV filters all the way open for the "off" state, directly on the bank? so a low pass filter would have the frequency set all the way up at max as "off".

  • @cstep4444 said:

    i guess i will wait for the on/off option to be released.

    Do that, trust me on this one ;)

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