volume sliders with nanokontrol2

Is there any way to map the sliders of a Korg nanokontrol2 to the volume sliders for each bank/track? I can get the transport controls working just fine but can’t figure out how to do the sliders....

Thanks in advance


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    You have two options (Neither of which is good enough and we will need better support at some point)

    1 You can double tap a fader in the mixer and assign it to a Macro, then MIDI control the Macro via focus actions.

    2 You can double tap any sampler layers volume and MIDI control that, this is more of pre gain in to the mixer though.

    1 Needs direct MIDI assign and feedback, for motor faders and LEDs.
    2 Is not really the mix but pre gain, so if you have the free CPU you are better running a Saturator or Overdrive effect on a Sampler or Plugin output and then Macro assigning its output dial.
    Obviously sixteen Macros is not enough for either of these methods either, sixteen mixer channels only in a mix and no Macro dials for anything else, so the real answer to your question is no, not right now.

  • Thanks 5pinlink .. only downside of the macros is the channel has to have focus in order to work.

  • Yeah te only reason i mentioned it is because some people use a single bank for the entire song to get mix macro control, not something i could personally do

  • If only we could expand out the pads into separate tracks on the timeline.

  • Ok, I have a Novation Launch Ctl xl showing up monday... So I pulled out an old controller to investigate mapping in BM3... Am I correct in understanding there is no way to control the mixer faders outside of focus actions / macros? Can we not just get midi learn for all the knobs and sliders? Using macros is as stated above not cutting it....

  • I have just got a launch control xl and am really disappointed with how bm3 handles midi learn. Macros I feel are for controlling minor parameters in synths not for the main mixer. I mapped the volume faders to macros and I can only control one if I have the track selected. I may well be missing something but that is not good enough.

    It is enough of an issue that I may go back to AUM noodling and then just use bm3 for the final wave files. That would lead me to rethink whether I have the right daw altogether.

    I am sure there is a good reason for this difficulty but from a user perspective it is infuriating. In AUM you simply go to the midi tab, learn it all and it works.

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