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Whether you are in studio, on a road trip or on vacation: Share your coolest Beatmaker moments with us. Every month we will choose our favourite picture. The winner gets a free sound pack of choice (1).

The rules:

Happy posting :)

(1) Single sound packs only (bundles excluded)

The Winners



  • MC Boom up in the womb !!!

  • Not even a lol ?
    Wont bother posting more of these haha.

  • I liked it - just didn't want to post here until i had a pic of my own to submit (even though that's exactly what I'm doing now)

  • I thought it was funny, @5pinlink, and it's pretty well done, but I'm not entirely sure why I didn't reply haha

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    I wouldnt say its well done exactly, its only a GooBash, but i was giggling a lot while doing it haha.

  • wtf is a GooBash? Looked like (skillfully executed) Photoshop compositing to me.

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    Google images Photo Bashed.
    Trust me it was far from skillfull, im well out of practice with Affinity, all i did was repaint his arm in to mic position, paint in a different head cause the original was looking elsewhere, and popped the ipad in, then color graded it, twenty minutes or so.
    Without the grade it looked like the baby had painted it lol.

  • I thought Kriss Kross were young...

  • Hah! nice MC Starchild!

  • Just arrived from Amazon. I don’t know what it means but... clearly a sign...

  • @WillieNegus said:

    @Audiogus said:
    Just arrived from Amazon. I don’t know what it means but... clearly a sign...

    3rd stool sample results? Hope you’re feeling ok buddy. Godspeed.

    Lol well played well played 👍

  • unstickying this for now

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