'Route all midi to selected pad' problem

Is there a setup that will allow me to use this functionality across banks, instead of pads? Struggling to get it going..

I'd like to have -
Bank 1 pad 1 - AU instrument
Bank 2 pad 2 - AU instrument
Bank 3 pad 3 - AU instrument
Bank 4 pad 4 - AU instrument

And then when I select track in song view or in pads view via bank tab, the midi keyboard play only pad 1 in that bank. Is it possible?

I know I can do it using pads instead of banks, but I want instrument per track in song view/editor.



  • Not unless you select pad 1 and turn on Omni on, but i'm sure you have already tried that.

  • Not sure I get what you mean? Thought I tried what you described but will check again. You're saying if I do this it should enable midi controller to switch bank when I hit bank tab or track, and send midi only to that bank? Or do I have to select the pad in the bank for it to work? Cheers

  • Omni on sends all MIDI to selected pad.

  • Doesn't seem to work when you switch bank tho. You literally have to hit the pad. Even though the onscreen keyboard switches to that bank's pad 1. Might have just been me being dumb though, will check again later.

  • Yeah you have to select the pad, like i said you probably tried it and it didnt do what you want.

  • The applicable pad does have to be selected in each bank, but you can select a different pad per bank, and the onscreen keyboard will be targeting that pad, just as Omni midi will, even when switching banks. If you tap another pad in any of the banks, you change the selected pad for that bank, but otherwise you should be fine. I just tested this with a midi app as I don’t have a midi controller on me.

  • Thanks for the help. I was being dumb. I'd set bank and pad midi inputs in BM3 to my controller and that was over-riding the simple 'omni' solution. Some reason I didn't figure the two things would clash, but it makes sense. Duh ;)

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