Volt Synthesizer (AUv3) by Kai Aras

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The Volt Synthesizer by Kai Aras is now available in the app store.

Based on videos, it really looks and sounds great.

My only concern... When used in AUv3 mode the preset browser does not seem to be part of the UI, so I'm concerned it will not be available in BM3.

Can anyone who has purchased this please confirm if we can access presets from within BM3?


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    I just received an email from developer Kai Aras explaining that presets are not currently accessible from within BM3 (which lacks the universal patch browsers found in Cubasis and AUM), but he has put it to the top of the list for implementation (thanks to my persuasive email, of course B)) and plans to include it in the first post-release update in about 1 week's time.

    I think it may have helped that I mentioned how @brambos generously retro-fitted built-in preset browsers to his AUv3 back catalog (Ruismaker etc) for all his lovely BM3 fans.

  • Just wanted to quickly post that my main man Kai Aras delivered on the promise he made to me via email, and v1.1 (released 2 days ago) now enables preset access within the AUv3 UI

    You can now purchase in full confidence that all features of this fantastic synth are now available in BM3. Unfortunately the launch price has now ended, so it's £\$14.99

  • Currently $5/£5 off to coincide with the launch of v1.2

    Oh.. and it's universal now too ;)

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