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Would like to be able to save stuff into specific folders. For instance, BANKS. Instead of a saved Bank going into the general “Bank” folder, I’d like to save it into my own organized Bank folders I’ve created (Drum Bank, Synth Banks, Acapella Banks, etc). This would save me the extra steps of moving to where I want it.


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    When you save a bank from within BM3 it will always save within Banks, but you can move them to your own folder manually using the document browser.

    When it comes to importing banks the following is possible..

    if you download a file and select "Open in.. BM3" it always goes into the Imports folder.
    However, if you open BM3 document browser first, navigate to the folder you want to, and then open the files/dropbox browser from within BM3 you can load banks/zip files/samples etc directly to the current location

    See @5pinlink's latest Synth 02 thread in the Resources section for a video that shows this process.

  • Yes, thank you. I’m aware of all that. My request is for being able to save into specific folders. As stated, I’m already manually moving Banks into my own organized folder system (I can’t have 300 Banks in one big folder...oof). It’s very easy to generate Banks in BM3 (which is why I love it), but because of the way it saves it also makes it hard to save changes of existing Banks (because I moved said Bank into my own folder)


  • I know the developers are thinking about making a more robust save system, it will definitely come in the near future ;)

  • Apologies for stating the obvious @CFF3, I sometimes switch into 101-basics mode with newer forum users as they often aren't so well-informed ;)

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