Why can't I hear the main out in my session?

I have a project I was working on and when I reloaded it, I find that I am no longer able to hear the main out. I am using an Apogee Jam 96k for guitar input. If I load a new blank project everything is fine. When I go into my saved project, all the meters are jumping but the main out is not, and I have no sound.



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    Is there an effect doing something (or not loaded) on the master out? Or is the master out fader all th way down?

  • I started another project in the meantime, got into it for a couple of hours and BM3 crashed when I tried to undo something. Unfortunately I didn't save what I was doing along the way. Then I just went to check on your advice -- check the main out track -- and the old project magically started to work again without changing anything. :/

    I have no idea why the main out was dead.

  • This looks like a bit depth samplerate confusion blackout, did you launch any other apps while working in BM3 ?

    Some audio hardware is very finnicky with the IOS core audio drivers.

  • @5pinlink I will look into it. There have been some shakey moments getting going with BM3 and I would like to know what is causing the issue so that I don't come to unexpected grinding halts when I am working.

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