sidechain and envelope for SV Filter

Title says it all really, the ability to have an envelope and sidechain the filter effect is something I’m really missing coming from Ableton - effect and instrument racks too but I’ll save that request for another day :smile:


  • How does it work ?
    Audio from another track modulates the filter frequency ?
    I use Reaper where they just let any audio source be a modulator that can modulate anything, thats what i would love to see too, in the modulatuon section of the sampler, have a side chain option, any audio source is a sampler modulator.

  • Might be worth checking Filterstation2 plugin by Audio Damage. Currently $2.99/£2.99. It doesn't have sidechaining, but does allow you to set envelopes on the filters.

    You might also be able to setup something clever with a sidechained compressor (or pumphouse) followed by Filterstation2 on a spare AUX channel.

    The other option might be to envelope modulate a simple lowpass filter directly on the pad.

    It really depends what you're trying to achieve. I'm sure if you explained your objective 5pin might be able to suggest a way achieving it in BM3

  • Yeah exactly like sidechain compression, except it triggers the filter sweeps.
    Can get some great textures with multiple bass noises playing off each other, particularly for the usual layer/detune/phase approach.

    @5pinlink agreed, anything should be able to become a modulator

    @tk32 I could achieve a similar effect with retriggering envelopes and LFOs, but it becomes a bit more scientific rather than dynamic/responsive to the sound - kills the creativity a bit.

  • Yeah there is little in the way of track to track or pad to pad interaction right now, they have the sidexhain for the compressor so the back end is there, i suspectvthis is something they will investigate more in the future for sure.

    You best bet right now is to look for an enveloper pedal plugin, those a basically an audio triggered envelope filter, either that or load some audio and hand draw its wave shape in automation, but as there is no waveform overlay on the automation (definitely something else that needs to happen) or a pen, this could be double tedious.

  • I believe the newly released FAC Envolver solves your problem here. Trouble is you have to set it to control macros and then record the macro automation one bank at a time. Here's hoping MIDI CC makes a big comeback in a BM3 update soon.

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