Introduction - Hi there...

Greetings BeatMakers!

As I dig into this forum I’m noticing its a relatively small community that makes up the active members, so a personal introduction seemed appropriate.

My name is Scott, I’m a PNW USA native, Portland Oregon to be precise, who is very much enjoying BM3 as my primary iOS environment. Just a few months ago I was made aware of the amazing possibilities of music production on iOS, and soon after gravitated to BM3 when I discovered how lacking other similar apps were in comparison. Didn’t check out iMPC or Cubie yet, but I came from Ableton / Maschine as my primary tools, and BM3 feels how I imagined iMaschine should have felt, so its not a big surprise.

Music stuff has been a longtime hobby, where video stuff has been my profession for many years. I mostly make stuff loosely categorized as Techno with pretty experimental aspects to it. There is already more electronic music than anyone could ever listen to in a lifetime, so mostly I just want to have fun playing with sounds and have a fun way to interact with people more than I aspire to make masterworks or millions.

I recently built a little music studio in my back yard, and friends have been coming over and joining the fun, on great monitors :) Nearly everyone has been pretty amazed by the iOS apps, and its a great way to get newbies going - stick them on a pretty intuitive app and Link. Fun stuff.

Anyhow, I’m glad you guys are here, and am happy to be participating in the evolution that is underway. Cheers!


  • Welcome to the wonderful and growing world of musicmaking on iOS!

    And, Beatmaker 3 is really addictive!

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    Welcome @scottsunn

    We're a relatively small forum, but all are very friendly and helpful, and we don't disagree about anything... ever ;)

    Have you heard about our monthly challenge? It's not too late to download the banks and prepare an entry before 14 April, and we'd love to have another participant.

    (See BM3 Battle thread sticky for more info..)

    P.s. how did your post accumulate that weird collection of tags? Ice cream, ponies, mashed potato etc...

  • P.s. how did your post accumulate that weird collection of tags? Ice cream, ponies, mashed potato etc...

    My question is how it missed bunnies and muffins...

    I did grab the kits for the challenge earlier today and made a couple cringe worthy yacht rock drum n bass isms, I’ll try and get it together minus the cringes.

  • @scottsunn I'm really excited to hear your submission =) welcome to the forum

  • Don't worry, you're in good company with the cringes.

    We all suffer (and equally love) the cringes ;)

    We've learnt it's important not to be to precious with the challenge submissions, and try to make sure it's all about fun and learning with BM3.

  • Yeah, there isn't an annoying sound that I repeat that I also don't find interesting, but just because I can find endless entertainment from an evolving loop of insanity doesn't make it music, ha!

    But I have been getting some nice stuff out of the sample packs. Had to set most of it aside and only focus on a couple things... and now I am trying to arrange it all into some form of cohesion. Loving the (young?) lady with all the b and c words. Boy. Bike. Biscuit. Breakthrough. Bookshelf. Bungalow. The slight lisp is adorable.

    I'm noticing BM3 rarely seems to guess the right tempo using auto-detect on phrases, but its easy to adjust it correctly by counting the beats / measures and watching the grid as you adjust the base tempo. I would imagine beat detection being rather complicated to code, as well as time stretch that sounds nice / ungranulated...

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    And the King Crimson fill, I know I've heard the song but can't think of which it is. I saw those guys two nights in a row back in the nineties - I actually have a few KC samples I made ages ago, as well as Mr. Bungle, Zorn, and loads of wacky free jazz stuff. Haven't ever done anything with those, just went full OCD on making loops then got distracted. Of all that, probably the most useful would be the 70s funk-turns-into-disco samples I made with Fatback, Cameo, Brass Construction, BT Express, etc. Hmm... would be great for making footwork / juke... Any footwork / juke challenges yet?

  • The fill is from "I talk to the wind" ;)

  • FYI beat detection is horrific in any app, Beatmaker is actually one of the best around because of @mathieugarcia getting in to one and implementing forum suggestions along with his own cool stuff.

    But setting manually is always recommended for sure.

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