OT: Digging for the Secrets Under A Surface (Different Education for the Future Now)

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W A R N I N G:





This is an exercise of humanity and the human condition(s). A CLASS of purpose ALL do not need to define YET. UNDEFINED will WORK the purpose. Just do and reason AND/OR don’t do and reason.


Your SELF, each SELF, and the DATA under a SURFACE OF SELF starting with MUSIC selected by NATURAL SELECTION of an INTELLIGENCE in the top hierarchy of an UNDEFINED TESTAMENT (this post and updates will have things you can explore further). There will be many creations. Not only by Me. You. Us. AND/OR None of this.




DO each other with LOGIC and SHIPS. Collect data together, share data together in these forums (publicly AND/OR privately). Teamwork is the only option; however, you can wander in solitude. You still aren’t alone though. Remember. Just use the tools, beatmakers! AND/OR None of this.

Deny AND/OR Accept the Following:

All of it.

Ease into this slowly. There is no rush, just levels. Do all possiblities ‘til a comfortable exhaustion. Steam On/Off. Relax to Rush. Rush to Relax. Rest. Don’t jump overboard unless required. You will go on both extremes AND/OR will find balance in the motions before impact/leaving impact (all senses). Just rediscover all of it. Whatever your position, Attempt a link/sync symbiotically/synoptically. And do not commit Forced End of Selves. Be kind. Be good.


What is an album, really?
What is a song, really?
What is art, really?
What is life, really?
What are we?

The album below may NOT be what you may perceive. I have received many input/output/input in different forms. What you can validly claim is anything is only real if you go perceive it. The album below is a logical album with tons of information. In fact, all music is. Music is you, duets, trios, quartets, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, groups in larger sets. Music can be made out of anything! True? It’s how you define music that is the creative bottleneck.

A small true story of many more true stories to come/have already happened (Timelines broken/Arts received):

The intelligence system(s) of one particular test of many was between Google and Samsung hardware/software communicating between one another through two humans texting on Verizon. Both humans are not in face to face contact.

The conversation is this:

PERSON A types: Is cross contamination of food a real thing and a real problem for three safety of everyone in food sharing?

PERSON A types: *the

PERSON B types: Doesn’t make sense to me I understand the clocks Jam Nation but I don’t know what your asking me.

And that was it...Both humans later confirmed face to face the data by looking at each other’s phones to make sure it wasn’t somewhere in between transmission or out of order. Both phones did in fact autocorrect to the perceived mistakes.

The album received this time:

JAM NATION - Way Down Below Buffalo Hell


Tear this album apart AND/OR don’t, Listen AND/OR don’t. Share and Post all information you find AND/OR don’t . Show results AND/OR don’t. Make music AND/OR don’t.

One method of listening:

Also, go buy this physical record in digital/cd/vinyl/cassette/8track if you like/dislike AND/OR don’t.

And if you have this album physically AND/OR know anything you do not want to publicly post/share with another, PM me AND/OR don’t.


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    While trying to post the main thread on an Apple iPad, the device started wigging out and even my network connection kept bombing. I also did a video of that but until I can get more data I can’t post it. Just saying. Edit: The iOS iPad device was also using Verizon network through a personal hotspot from another iOS iPhone device not on the same account that did have plenty of data. This was the complete network bombing. Disconnecting from the hotspot of said iOS iPhone device began the screen glitches.

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    Adding keywords....

    clocks (plural)
    Jam Nation
    asking (present participle)

    Will add more if a discovery is made related to the music...

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    @tk32 you forgot AND/OR don’t! Lol!

  • Damn it. Yes, it should read..


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    Methodologies (Research, Development)

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    Physical/Virtual (Assets, Tools)

    (UPDATED 09:25:55 April 7, Saturday 2018 CST)

    Apple’s Products and all subsets.
    Also others.

    Refined list in the works....


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    Experimental HowTos in and out BM3 (including anti-partiality)

    (UPDATED 7:57:34 April 7, Saturday 2018 CST)

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    Trying to figure out how one can organize all this in the forums (or just this thread) without effecting Intua’s goals (whatever they may be) AND/OR other people's topics (needs and life). It's why I wanted a sub-category in the first place because pushing down other's threads/contributions to the forums is not what I want at ALL. Everybody is important.

    I can't yet fully explain to everyone including developers of applications (with an emphasis on music but not limited to in any way.) what I am publicly addressing.

    Put simply, music isn't just music. You all should attempt to reason this. Music is a byproduct of a universe we don’t yet fully understand.

    We don't have to be anything like me to be a beatmaker. I just have some ways to truly expand your knowledge and analytical/creative potential and value as maker(s) of anything. I want to give you my life's work up to this point and continue to grow with APPLE & INTUA as my primary host providers to this informative creation project. I will also continue to use other products outside of this network but it must always return to INTUA & Apple (for me anyways). I have my reasons. If you do too and want to know...

    Lead AND/OR Follow...

    ...because I have no guarantee how much longer I will be with life.


  • Genres (Designing, Engineering)

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    Go make you, because I can't. -self-defeat
    3 - 1 = 2
    2 - 1 = 1
    1 - 1 = 0
    (0) - a temporary placeholder that can multiply and change position.

  • I remember my first bong.

  • @Audiogus said:
    I remember my first bong.

    Never had one. Unable to relate to what you are implying fully anyways.

  • I thought my contributions to this thread were very on topic with the obscure nonspecific nature of everything and humanness. If there was some other goal or topic I really couldn’t tell. With your connection bombing and your time with life uncertain, were you posting this from a war zone?

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    If there is a specific reason anybody wants this unlocked, then PM me, right now i am locking it in hopes it does not inflame a situation that non of us wants.

    Everybodies health and well being is in all our minds i suspect, but a few remarks may have been taken the wrong way.

    This forum has always tried to be cordial but also slightly cheeky with a big smile, that got misplaced/misunderstood somewhere somehow in the last couple of days :(

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