Looking for straight jazz banks

Hi Everyone I'm new to be BM3 and enjoying all the possibilities here I downloaded from the store upright bass and some drum kits and piano but looking for horns (especially muted) and Hammond B3 organ if possible any suggestions where I can find those Banks or maybe samples? Apreciate



  • Yo a jazzy pack (or several) in the store would be awesome. Have you downloaded the drawbar organ synth bank @5pinlink made? There is also a solid looking app called Galileo Organ that has a lot of good reviews.

  • I moved this out to general, it will get more views ;)

  • Thanks for reply @ronji - I looked for the "drawbar organ synth bank" by @5pinlink you referred to but wasn't able to locate...Can you share a link please?

  • Resources section of the forum, look in the sticky post at the top, you will find a collection called "Synths 2" make sure you follow install instructions in the thread ;)

  • Got it! Thanks man.
    By the way - the Galileo Organ is a dope! The sound quality and different settings are phenomenal. Thanks for the tip

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