Anyone Have Experience With Dumping Field Recordings Directly Onto Their iPad?

I don't know why Apple touts there's iPads for professionals when they make file transfers migraine inducing. Has anyone been able to directly dump WAVs off of their field recorders into the files app or a cloud service? I'm at wits' end!



  • What do you use for a field recorder? If there’s no way to connect it to your iPad via usb + camera connection kit adapter to access the files, then you’ll probably need to use a computer. Presumably you could then either transfer the files directly to iPad via iTunes, upload the files to iCloud Drive, or upload them to Dropbox, or use an app that has WiFi ftp access like Readdle Documents, or use airdrop if you have a Mac.

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    There are some memory card readers that work on idevices that use their own proprietary app for transfer/storage that can then open in audioshare etc. Some folks on the audiobus forum tried out a few a while ago. Was thinking of getting one for my minikp2 recordings on microsd

  • To be honest, if you have a desktop, use that for the transfers, the audio editors on the desktop are vastly superior to anything on IOS anyway, so i would even suggest doing your first edits there too.

  • True, if there’s SD card functionality then there are some other options as well. Looking into this stuff, the Kingston MobileLite G3 looks very interesting. No idea why it’s $70 on Amazon and $25 at Best Buy.

  • Ah bummer I figured as much. I use a Zoom H5. It's fantastic as an interface, but gathering sounds would get rather clunky having to have an iPad hooked in the whole time. I think I'll look into the proprietary SD cards

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