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I did a search and I didn't see anyone who has yet requested a randomization option of the pad link groups (or I missed it). What I'm envisioning is that you could set the Link Group to Random and all pads that are grouped in this way would be subject to randomization. So, if I trigger Pad 1 and it's grouped to Random with Pads 2-8, I get a randomly generated sample based on what's on Pads 1-8.


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    Yes, this has been requested before, and is often referred to as round robin.

    Thinking about it, you could hook something similar up with Rozeta Cells:

    1. Map each of the 8 samples to a different key in on Pad 1 (eg C3 = Sample 1, C# = Sample 2, D = Sample 3, etc..)
    2. Now load Rozeta Cells on pad 2 and record a sequence of all 8 notes (1 in each cell)
    3. Wire the midi output from Rozeta to Pad 1 and put Rozeta in Random sequence mode, and trigger only per midi note (instead of autorun).
    4. Now every note that you send to Rozeta will translate to a random note on Pad 1, triggering a random sample.

      There is, however, 1 small drawback...
      If you hold a note for more than 1/16 Rozeta will advance to another cell. You can slow this down to 1/8 but then it means you might trigger the same note multiple times if playing quick notes.
  • Sounds like that could be cool. What about instead of it being one Random link group, it’s a link group modifier, so you could have pads 1-4 linked, 5-8 linked, and both link groups set to random? I think a similar request (or multiple) has been round robin and random trigger options for the layers of a single pad.

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    Hmmm... turns out I should have tested this before posting it. :(

    I didn't realise that Rozeta quantizes it's notes and cell progressions to the song's tempo, meaning that notes only sound some of the time (ie only when they coincide with the start of a quantized 1/16th note). See my demo video below for an example.

    @Brambos would it be easy/possible to decouple the triggering of cells from the song tempo? I'd like to have the freedom to randomly trigger cells with each midi note, independently of the song tempo.

  • Thanks @tk32 and @ronji, I was not familiar with the term "round robin". That's why it didn't come up in my search!

  • This would actually be "Random Robin"
    Round Robin you create a list and each hit plays the next sample in the list.

  • Ah yes, random robin. I wrestled a bit with Rozeta but it is designed to do a different job. I do think AU MIDI utilities could tackle these sorts of features for more niche use cases like mine.

  • Absolutely.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that @brambos's next project is a series of AU midi transformation plugins, similar to the midi 'players' you find in Propellerhead Reason and other desktop DAWs.

    I'd love a simple midi plugin that allowed me to transform and tweak the pitch and velocities of incoming midi, or perhaps to constrain all notes to a certain key etc..

  • Yep, exactly what I was thinking. If not Bram, maybe the devs behind MidiFlow or Midifire. I use the latter all the time but it's an extra app to open. Would be cool to have the same MIDI utilities as AU option inside BM3.

  • MIDI AU support will need an overhaul before stuff like that becomes really useful, only being able to use a single MIDI AU per destination is very limiting, in fact it is designed completely back to front, you shouldn't set up a MIDI input on a pad or bank, you should set up MIDI outputs on a MIDI AU pad, that way any amount could be sent to a single destination.

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