Midi controller(irig 37) playing on all iaa plugins at once, instead of the selected bank

When I load up multiple iaa plugins into bm3, I will select one bank to play on, but it triggers a response from all iaa plug ins instead of being able to play them separately.

It doesn’t do this when I use the bm3 keyboard in the plugin control window...only when using my irig 37.

I tried turning “Omni” on but that didn’t change anything...

I’m stymied. :/

Also, it seems that once i use an iaa plugin (like imono/poly), It cannot be loaded again into a different bank with a different sound? Is this true for AB3 plugins too?

I guess I could record them as an audio track, but that is a work around...

I’m pretty green to beatmaker so I hope this all makes sense.

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