export problem

i’ve been working on a track, has a number of audio tracks (8), 1 internal bank and 4 aux channels.

i have come across a problem after exporting the track. there’s a delay being applied to the track. seems to only come in at 15 seconds which isn’t there in the finished track when being played in Beatmaker3

i isolated just the 2 drum tracks and their aux channels, ok in BM3 but after exporting, 15 seconds into the track the delay is there.

I’ve turned off all plugins then exported the track and the problem still exists.

i played the exported track in AudioShare and TwistedWave and the problem exists in both.

i looped and exported different sections, the first 15 seconds are ok, after that the delay comes back in.

It’s definitely not there in BM3 but there after the export.

Any Ideas


  • Is there anyway you can upload the project ?

  • Hi @cstep4444 !

    This might be related to a bug we fixed in the upcoming 3.1 update, which affects pads / samples in DISK STREAMING mode. Does the delay affects only that track or any of them?

    Let me know!


  • @mathieugarcia

    hey Mathieu, thanks for commenting.

    i have two drum tracks. channel 1 is midi using triggered samples, there are 4 samples (only 3 play at a time 4/4). the 2nd channel is an audio drum loop, nothing special about the audio track, just 4/4, 8bars long.

    my track is 128bpm, i exported the loop (16bars) this gives me approx 30seconds. the delay definitely kicks in at 8bars. so i exported the 8 bars that were being affected and no delay.

    the delay isn't there when i export just the drum bank or just the audio drum channel.

    but when i export together the delay is very noticeable.

    to summarise, the two banks together sound great in BM3. when i export together the delay problem kicks in after 8 bars.

    disk streaming mode is off for the pad samples

    it's really weird, in BM3 everything sounds right, exported, after 8bars, sounds like i have been to 8 bars. ;)

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    @5pinlink where do i upload the project files to?

    edit *think i've found the way to upload

  • Dropbox is the most useful for that.

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