BM2 onboard file sharing?

Are there any methods to copy a file into BM2 from another app without connecting to an external device like a PC? I realise you can use dropbox but some of the wav files I want to transfer are 1.5 gig each.

I was previously using filza which was great. I could copy and paste any files to any directory or air share files from a second iOS device, but I've recently lost my jailbrake.

I do have BM3 which obviously has file sharing in iOS 11. I haven't used it yet because I have a ton tracks I'm trying to finish off in BM2. I dont really want to try transferring all my projects over from BM2 to BM3. I know BM2 like the back of my hand and I can work quickly in it. BM3 seems quite different and a big learning curve. Do projects port over perfectly?


  • ctecte
    edited April 2018

    So, I'm answering my own question here, in case anyone else needs a solution:

    On the same device you have BM2 installed, download a free app called "Documents" from the AppStore. Download any files you want from the web via "documents" onboard web browser or link any files stored in Dropbox/google drive etc. In beatmaker 2 active an ftp transfer connection. Add the Beatmaker ftp details in the documents app to create a remote connection. Now, I found that the drag n drop function in Documents does not work all the time, so I found the best solution is to: press "Select". Tick the folder or file you want to transfer. Press "upload". Select the Beatmaker connection from the list. Then you can upload your file or folder to any location inside Beatmaker. It then gives you the current progress percentage bar.

    It seems very quick. I transferred 1 gig in roughly 1 min. You can also edit/move any files easily inside Beatmaker all on the one device. The only downside I have found is that the Beatmaker ftp connection can die quite quickly and without any warning. I have the same problem using other iOS ftp clients. I don't know if this is an issue with my router though.

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