Voice controlled DAW??

OK, this one is just for fun but imagine a future...

So I have taken on a new job that now means I am driving three hours a day. It’s a nice commute along a coastal highway on Vancouver Island so no complaints, but time sat in the car none the less. (And even less time for making music).

It got me thinking how awesome it would be if a DAW was fully integrated into Apple CarPlay with all actions having a voice command equivalent! :sunglasses:

“Load MIDI track two”
Record voice to MIDI”
“Humm, humm, hum, hum, hum, humm, humm”
“Load plug-in Phasemaker”
Etc etc.

What do you reckon @mathieugarcia? Will BM3 be the first fully voice controlled iOS DAW? :joy:


  • I think the self driving car is your best bet. If they can work in the Vancouver Island rain that is.

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    @Audiogus said:
    I think the self driving car is your best bet. If they can work in the Vancouver Island rain that is.

    Good point! But with a trainer bike installed so I still want voice... lol.

  • You know what's crazy? The latest Hospital Records podcast was dropped yesterday, and it mentions a group of 3 people who are getting serious in music production - but they're all completely without sight. They use Reaper with voice control. Not sure if voice control is built into Reaper or if they're using something else to do the voice control, but still. Seems like producing music blind would be similar to producing music while driving, although the latter might have some safety concerns.

    Self driving car would be a safe bet! =)

    On another note, I've been hearing so much about Reaper that I feel bad I ever bought Live Suite 9 instead of going for Reaper, but I had never heard of Reaper before coming to these forums.

  • Reaper was the first DAW to support the sight impaired, it originally supported the digital brail display and has since added a bunch more to the API etc for add ons and such, I think i helped one of those guys get his Reaper set up lol.

  • Bringing voice control in the daw is very useful and i believe we will have more and more options in the future for the types of services. Proof is there is there are some other apps doing at the moment of this post doing even faster voice recognition to really boost the workflow. Take a look at this one (here their is no wake on call liek "hey alexa..." and the command is not sent to the cloud, so interaction are much faster.):

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