Three Things that Messed Up My Workflow Today

  1. I can't see the Beatmaker 3 screen in the sun! Is there a colour scheme setting that I missed somewhere? If not can we please get one. iPads are for bringing somewhere.

  2. In Korg Gadget it is fast and intuitive to copy and paste patterns in scenes. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to take a one bar drum loop and duplicate it over 4 bars in order to add some fills (or when I did it never lined up). I like how in Gadget copying and pasting patterns is a new clear menu -- not trying to drag loop markers, etc. Also, some buttons I seem to use often are several gestures deep (clearing, quantizing, etc.) It would be nice if there was a live mode that focused on the kinds of tasks that are crucial when you are jamming out -- do I have to add a pattern and decide the length, can't I just start recording and have it stop and round out an even bar number when I deactivate record?

  3. So I make this track all day and I go to save it and I'm thinking uh oh, bad feeling. Saving things. Usually I go in to the AUv3's and make user preset saves to make sure my intricate effect tweaks are not lost. But then I thought oh well, I can deal with that. So I do a save, rename the project -- called it "Sun Tunes." I thought I saved it. I mean I worked all day on it and gave it a name. So I close up BM3 and relaunch it thinking -- betcha its not there. And of course, its not there.

Are you sure you want to create a file with a new name and save your complex 4 hour project? What a dumb question -- maybe in the case of an overwrite. I swear I said yes. But then again I couldn't really see that grey on black screen too well.

Beautiful DAW though. So awesome.


  • Not sure I can help on all of these but here goes:

    1. Go into accessibility settings and enable "invert colors". Then when back in BM3 in the sun, triple click the home button and select invert colors. Should give you a brighter UI scheme.

    2. Are you working in Song mode? I find the loop management tools in Song mode to work fairly intuitively. Not really the case in scene mode. The requests for improvements to scene mode have been well documented here in the forums so add to that conversation in feature request threads?

    3. Not sure I follow this but I feel your frustration. Don't you have what you worked on for hours in the auto-saved "old version" of your session before you tried to save it?

  • @lukesleepwalker

    1. This is a good temp fix. Thank you. Of course, I would like to see a proper outdoor/poolside colour scheme offered so that the graphics are properly optimized, not just inverted. This is a good workaround though.

    2. The idea that scene mode is unintuitive for BM3 is surprising. I must be missing something. I am using BM3 instead of Cubasis partly because of scene mode. I want to live jam to create music. In Ableton, I usually make a bunch of clips and then launch clips while recording in song mode, then do further editing in song mode at the end.

    3. The auto-save vanished as well...I am not too frustrated -- this seems to happen constantly with the iPad, so I am getting used to it.

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    The "invert colours" option in iOS 11 is fantastic. BM3 inverted passed the sun test today. I also realized that it might be best to have the global inverted graphics on so that all of the dark AUv3's get inverted as well. Where as if only BM3 was in white, either the AUv3's would be dark or with the global inversion on, a white BM3 would go black. It is also key to turn on the accessibility function that allows you to triple tap "home" in order to flip the inversion on and off.

    What I think might be the best thing for a feature request would be to at least have a graphics sub menu in the settings that is a shortcut to the invert colours, because I think a lot of people wouldn't know this trick. It's like night and day :p

  • Glad it worked out!

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