'Ghost' 12 GBs appears when auto iCloud backup happens, taking storage over the limit.

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@mathieugarcia Hi mathieu - Just got off the phone with apple support regarding this matter. They don't think it's an IOS issue, and have no answer for the following:

Every so often my iPad is unable to do it's automatic iCloud backup. It says there is no storage left. When I look into 'manage storage', it shows as needing to backup an addititonal 12 GBs which takes it over the cloud storage space, even though no 12 gbs was added.

The only app I use on my iPad is bm3 and some synths. I have around 20 gbs of samples. Therefore the only thing I can 'possibly' attribute this matter to is bm3, as it seems to happen after working with it for a period of time, and importing samples (totalling around 500 MB, not 12 gbs).

To fix this, I have found that if I do an iTunes backup to my desktop, and then delete the iCloud backup on my iPad, and then restore from the previous desktop backup, everything goes back to normal, and it no longer says it cannot backup due to no room. The 'ghost' 12 gbs disappears.

Have you come across this, or know of any way of circumventing this issue, as I can't go through this process every week, as it's so time consuming. Thanks for any insight.

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