new tune alert!! nkdVKNG - FrenchBucks House

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New tune I just put out. All Beatmaker 3. Enjoy!


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    I actually quite enjoyed (I don't really like house, so tough audience here) this accept for one thing, you compressed the living hell out of it, it is so so loud hahaha, back that off and let some of the vibe of the track through, its too good to be so one dimensional.
    (Edit also put a direct soundcloud link in your post)

  • Very promising. Good vibe here, but it does sound quite congested and over-compressed, as 5pin mentions.

    Have you tried sidechaining the synths to your bass drum? I have a feeling it might help.

    The sound quality is lower than expected (even for SoundCloud!). It could be the quality of your samples, but did you export as a 24bit WAV with a few dB headroom?

  • thanks for the love guys.

    the over compression was intentional. I was using DAWcassette, going for some weird (in my mind) house meets JDilla's over compression/tape feel. The original is not so swamped in compression.

    Also Tk I did use side chain compression on the kick, but I messed up and only did it to the bassline. Is it common to apply that to all samples/synths when making house?

    I exported 24bit AAC I believe.

    Really appreciate the feedback.

    5pin I usually make hiphop/lofi/trap but I said let me go and try another round at house. What can I say, at the end of the day I do love the dance vibe haha

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    May I suggest backing off the DAW Cassette mix amount to about 60%. It seems to be killing some of your high frequency detail at the moment

    It's quite common to sidechain pads and anything with long sustain, as it helps add a bit of forward momentum/energy - just be careful not to do it too much.

    If you're still quite new to sidechaining —and seeing as your rhythm is straight 4/4— you could always use Audio Damage's Pumphouse effect on the pad/synth channel?

    I'm looking forward to hearing this track develop.

  • Great points TK!

    I have the wet dry mix at about 50% on the DAWCassette, Ill cut some more and do another pass. Ill also download pumphouse.

    Do you see it as a better sidechain than the compressor in BM3?

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    I like it for tasks like this. It's not better than doing it with the built-in compressor - but it is much easier to setup, use and understand. And you can easily shape the transient too

    Besides, it's only cheap. You'll like it for house and EDM music :)

  • Wow. That plugin is effective. Thanks for recommending it to me, going to purchase now

  • Great, just be aware that the demos are all for quite extreme sidechain pumping, and for house music you want it a little more subtle. you can do this by setting it up nicely and then dialling the mix down from 100% to about 60%.

  • @tk32 does it render properly now in B3 ?

  • Just tried it again and it seems to render fine. I thought the main issue was with multiple instances.. but that got fixed in the December update.

  • @tk32 most Audio Damage plugins had an issue with the wrong timing/transport information being sent while rendering.
    Good to know it is fixed :)

  • Hmm - I might need to do a more thorough test in that case.

    All I did was 8 bars of 4/4 pumping Zeeon. I should have added a kick to test timing..

    Do you remember which thread discussed this in most detail? I have all the audio damage plugins so happy to test.

    I probably use at least one in every project, and can't say I've noticed issues, but I haven't used Pumphouse in a track for a while.

  • Not fixed unfortunately in that several instances cause a graphics lag in bm3. (Redraws in the mixer are slow and laggy etc)

  • It's probably because I've never used more than 1x Pumphouse in a project. If you configure your AUX channels/pre-mixer sends carefully, you should never need more than one instance!

    @groovey, have you (or anyone else) experienced the rendering/timing issues that 5pin mentioned above?

  • @tk32 The one instance of pump does not work for me personally, as I have found that I usually want to tweak the pump settings differently for individual tracks that I use it on, so it's not practical to route them all through to one send.

    Also it's not just a case of having more than one instance of pump. If you only have one pump, but use several other Audio damage fx, the same graphics lag occurs, rendering b3 unusable.

    I haven't experienced the rendering issue as I have always been forced to remove the pump house effect before it gets to that stage for the above reasons.

  • so usually when we experience lag or spikes in RAM due to one, maybe two instances of a plugin, we can assume it's the plug right?

    I had something similar witth the Moog Model D and just uninstalled for now, since 2 instances made my BM3 tracks start lagging etc.

  • @tk32 there are multiple threads for nearly every time based AD effect, the developer of those pligins says that the host software is to blame (it isnt just B3 that has the issue)

  • Hmm.. somehow this flew under my radar.

    Either it's fixed, not affecting my projects... or else my ears are completely fucked.

    I was only aware of the multiple instance (and a few random state-saving) bugs in AD plugins before today.

    Let's see how @nkdVKNG gets on with Pumphouse. And I'll continue testing.

  • @nkdVKNG yes multiple ADs particularly pump and replicant cause graphic redraw lags even within a light cpu project. If you ever find you’re getting it remove the ADs and the graphics are buttery smooth again. Not sure about model d but I understand it is cpu intensive.

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    I think i better buy some AD plugins and do some tests on the timing/render issues.

  • I use Replicant, but usually one instance per session. I will test it today with a few more.

  • I like it. My sort of vibe. I just think drums need some swing on them. Very cool track.

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