How Do I Hard Set The Length of a Loop When I Record It?

Is there some way that I can preset an 8 bar audio track, or is there a setting so that it stops recording on a rounded bar. For example, you are playing a bassline and you want to lean over and stop recording somewhere just before the bar ends, but the duration of the loop is never rounded even. You have to manually go into pattern after and drag the loop bar at the top. When you look at the duration of the audio sample it is uneven and it looks like there is no way to make it even.


  • Audio track you cant record an 8 bar loop direct, however if you go over the 8 bar loop you can hit edit and then use grid snap, snap the end to 8 bars and then 'trim'
    If you record directly in to the sampler you have 'Synced' recording option for recording exact size loops ;)

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