FAC Envolver (coming soon) - audio > midi cc converter

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In a nutshell, it turns an audio signal into midi CC data, so that it can be used to control and modulate other parameters (including those in the source)

It's a bit like parameter sidechaining + aftertouch on steroids

See here for more info...


  • Looks interesting to me. I'll give it a go on release.

  • is this a pumphouse killer ?

  • Ive never really had much use for envelopers beyond filters, but you can use them to create things like audio compressors etc, by having the peaks turn down the volume, if you record that in as MIDI CC, you have a ridiculously powerful uber editable compressor, esprcially good for vocals.

    Like i say though, im too damn lazy and just use a compressor lol.

  • on a side note...

    The best compression analogy I ever heard was from a mastering engineer podcast by Ian Shepherd. He said try punching into the palm of your hand. The impact resistance applied to your punches by your palmed hand is acting just like a compressor. Threshold is the distance between your palm and the punching hand (too far away and nothing happens, too close and the punch is stopped before it moves forward). Ratio is how tense your hand is in resiting the impact (low ratio = your palm moves back a lot on impact, medium ratio = your palm moves a little, high/infinity ratio = the punch stops dead).

  • Don't know if this plug-in will have Trig'n'Hold and be able to send static values based on the input?
    For example if the input level is above a set threshold value send value 127 otherwise send 0.

    To be honest routing Midi CC from one Plug-In to another Plug-Ins AUParameter is a PITA and not many hosts support that yet.

    I'd rather see track/pad output level with 'sample & hold' as a built-in modulation source in BM3 rather than having to use an external plug-in to do it with somewhat limited routing options...

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    Here's the newly-released demo..

    (Edit) ...wow that was fucking boring. Can I have those 3 minutes of my life back please.

  • Yep, pretty much the worst promo video ever made haha, the 20 seconds of blackscreen at the end was just the icing.

  • Yeah, that video was no good, but I'll probably get it when it comes out. It seems like it will be very useful to get a sidechain effect via midi CC, rather than having a separate compressor running on each thing you want sidechained.

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    Be good for trance gates etc too.
    Which does remind me that IOS effects selection is so poor, everytime i think of it.
    We really need that step modulator working in B3.

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