32bit floating point? ie. is it ok to clip channels?

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I've always wondered whether clipping mix channels in BM3 is ok or not.

In theory, with modern 32-bit floating point internal processing, it's not a problem for an individual channel to clip, as long as any channel effects also use floating point and the final master output strip never clips (as this summed signal is what gets converted from digital back to analogue)

Can anyone confirm that BM3 uses 32bit floating point internal processing, as I can't find a reference to this anywhere in the specs?


  • Good news...

    I found a post by @samu over at AB that suggested BM3 also uses 32bit floating point internal processing - just like Cubasis2.

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    Yes, we use 32-bits floats. No hard clipping so values can go beyond the [-1...+1] range.


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    Thanks for confirming @mathieugarcia :)

    ...and that's very good to know. I also have internal 32bit floating point processing... hence the name ;)

    You should probably add it the Bm3 website and appstore description

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