double virgo

This was my submission to the Feedback Alliance April Challenge (volume 47), which was to produce a 30 second track. Check out the full mix of all 22 submissions here: (pretty sure I’m the only BM3 production in the mix)

I recorded a drum circle on my iPhone for the drums, shaker, vocal, and bird call. Produced completely in BeatMaker 3 on my 2015 iPad Pro. I doubled the original submission length for this upload cuz 30 seconds isn’t enough. =)


  • I’m the very last track in the full mix. Placement in the mix doesn’t mean anything in particular, usually. I was placed first in the mix for volume 46 =)

  • Loving that bass synth !!

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    @5pinlink said:
    Loving that bass synth !!

    Thanks! I always love hearing compliments on my bass. That’s Model D for the mid/top (pad fx high pass at 660 with 0.82 reso) linked to a pad with two layers of your Sine 02 SC1 Synth, one pitched up an octave with 18 cents of detuning, both low passed about 240 hz, the detuned sine 4db less gain. This is a new trick for me, high passing some bass texture linked to sub on another pad. =)

    Oh and the sub pad has sidechain comp from the kick, and the bass bank fx has Lo-Fly Dirt with some EQ that lowers the mid and raises the highs a bit.

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