Trigger patterns via midi, one shot (no looping)

Is it possible to trigger a pattern via midi and have it play one-shot and not loop? I want to trigger some vocal samples but want them quantized and i do not want them to loop.


  • You can’t trigger patterns via midi, yet, but you can trigger pads via midi, and each pad can be set to one shot.

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    Right, but each pad can only trigger an audio sample (or layers of samples), not a MIDI sequence of audio samples as a one shot, right? I'd put a big +1 on this as a feature request. Not the end of the world to resample if tempo changes, etc but also would be a big time saver for those of us who use BM3 for live performances. I can't think of another iOS app that does this either so it would be a platform innovation.

  • You can switch patterns via MIDI in scene mode, but not trigger one shots unfortunately.

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    Here's a geeky workaround idea:

    You could create a scene, but add extra empty space at the end of the patterns in the scene.

    Say you want to play a 1 bar midi sequence 1-time through.
    Create an 8 bar scene, with your sequence playing in only the first bar...

    Trigger the scene via, after it plays there will be 7 bars of silence...
    Use the time during those 7 bars to trigger another scene via midi.
    (You would have programmed this new scene to be silent).

    Not pretty, but do-able.
    Hope this makes sense!

    Good luck! :)

  • Really creative idea! The only issue for me is that I don't use the transport at all in live performance because I have grown tired of the grid. So I literally play a series of one shots and the tempo is governed by the BPM of the sample. I'd want the MIDI one shot to work the same way.

  • I cant find a way to trigger patterns via midi even in scene mode. I can o ly trigger by tapping the pattern in the screen. It seems that when i trigger a scene the song mode mutes and only the patterns in the scene play but that is disruptive. I want the backing tracks in song mode to keep playing. If i touch the pattern on the screen the pattern/sample will play over without muting song mode.

  • Right now i have samples set in patterns that are as long as the song so they wont trigger again/loop before the song ends. So its emulating a one shot sort of. But i cant trigger these patterns via midi, only a scene it seems

  • What kind of controller are you using and does it work outside of scene mode? That is, can you trigger audio samples on pads?

  • I have an Akai LPD8 and also Akai MPK Mini II, so yes I can trigger stuff with the pads. I am triggering the Beatmaker pads with my pads already for certain things that dont need to be quantized, but the stuff that needs to be quantized (patterns), i dont see a way in beatmaker to assign a pad to trigger an individual pattern.

  • The problem is, I dont see a way in beatmaker to map an individual pattern to a pad. i know in pad mode you can choose scene, and scenes are assigned to pads automatically and you can trigger by pressing the cooresponding pad, but no way to do that with patterns. I dont want a scene to take over my whole song thats playing from song mode in the background. Hope that is more clear than my above messages. LOL

  • Yeah, I hear you. I don't know of any way currently to trigger a pattern with a midi controller. Too bad, as I love switching patterns on the fly. Works great with the onscreen pattern list.

  • Hi!
    I’m used to Korg Triton Extreme and Akai Miniak’s workflow. These Synths have this feature and I bought BM3 thinking that it could do something similar. If I could use this App Like that, I could travel Light.
    Part of The Beauty about Triggering MIDI Patterns (with a MIDI controller) is The ability to try different sounds (in this Case Samples) with The same pattern, and to apply an effect in order to feel a tail When The pattern stops. I don’t Know if this makes sense to You guys, Triggering Patterns without pressing play In a Sequencer is My Way of working live.

    I also thought that I could launch a Scene and try a different clips From other scenes, simply by assigning clips to notes or pads (like Ableton does) this would Be some sort of a workaround, but as mentioned before, it’s impossible to Trigger clips via MIDI, only Scenes previously arranged. 😔

    I tried to think In a different Way, and thought that I could work with BM3 by triggering 8 bars long Samples assigned to pads, but unfortunately We can’t press a key (or a Pad) On a MIDI Controller To start a sample and press it again to stop it. The only options available are one shots or retriggering...

  • @blueveek is working on some tools to cover this, they will work in B3 ;)

  • Winconway, when will these tools be abailable?

  • No idea, I am only going by information @blueveek has stated here and at the AB forum.

  • Amazing News!!!!
    Thank You Very Much!!

  • Yes thank you.

  • Looks like triggering patterns via MIDI is one of the quite often requested features. Hope it will get into BM3 soon :smile:

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