Record-enable should toggle track MIDI Input

I thought this was a bug, but after interactions in the bug-report forums, I think this is just something that was passed-over.

In most DAW's I've used, the record enable button enables and disables the track's MIDI Input when toggled. In other words, MIDI Input is off when the record arm/enable button is off, and on when it is on.

This will allow users to use external synthesizers/gear with BM3 and use only a single external MIDI controller to control them all, all the while looping/recording in BM3.

I think this would be a super simple feature to put in. (ex: when track's record-enable is on, MIDI Input is allowed. When it is off, MIDI Input is off). And it can also be an optional setting.


  • Yeah it definitely needs to be optional.

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    A three dot color toggle perhaps? Grey, no recording, no input. Red, input and recording. Blue, input only, no recording. I know it is not 'intuitive' (pfft) but it would work great for me. :)

  • Leave the record button as is, add a "Monitor" exactly the same as recording audio, simple and already in use, so logical.

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    Feels to me like it should be in song view and not mixer.

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    It can easily be in both, and should be in both, a simple monitor button (speaker icon ?)
    Should be there for audio and MIDI and be in mixer and arranger.

    To be fair i think the monitor how it is now in the mixer is terrible, change the mono and solo to M S the same as the arranger, monitor as a speaker icon, it will feel way way less bunched up/cluttered.

  • A monitor button would be good too~ Either would work for me.

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