OT: your thoughts on Sonar/Cakewalk becoming a free DAW



  • Roland rereleased the Project 5 codebase, im trying to rememver the name, i have it in a cupboard somewhere, it intergaced directly with the Roland SP606.

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    Not sure what Windows stability matching Macs means, I have always used both, still do, and Windows has alwsays been as good or better in terms of stability ?
    But then i only use quality hardware like RME/MOTU both of which always worked better on Windows.

  • I was part of the Cakewalk universe since the dos days. I would never ever go back to that program - free or not. If I was starting out now it would be Reaper and/or Reason. Stability stability stability. Bang for buck. Developers who are bold and forward thinking. When I see a software starting to get passed around to investment folk I get antsy. So far, Propellerheads seems like their company needed an injection of dough and it helped. But, I’ll never get burned again like was by Cakewalk.

    Now Sonar is just dying bloatware. Steer clear. Stay current and fresh folks!

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    Propellerheads and Bitwig are both entirely owned by investment capitalists, I think (could be mistaken) the last parts of Propellerheads was sold off over the last few months, Bitwig was wholly owned by non music entity investors before V1, and they have been snapping the whip ever since, move to subscription, no promised modular synth/system because of needed investment time, investing more money in backhand advertising over developers (Ever noticed in the last two years how often Bitwig is talked about as the new big thing in magazines, yet very few people actually seem to be using it, i have worked for magazines and seen this crap time and time again, even from so called "honest" publications/sites)

    I wouldn't put my trust in any of these shady situations, let it play out and see where the crumbs fall, I told everybody Cakewalk was dead the second Gibson bought it, everybody said i was mad.

  • USB is crap on Windows and Mac, the only real killer devices are the RME, everything else has a big perfofmance hit on USB, the Audients, while pretty much yhe best sounding interfaces out there are absolutely terrible on Mac and just about usable on Windows.

    USB X or 4 or whatever they finally decide to call the next one issupposed to remove a lot of the bursting issues and actually add on the fly scanning rates, which would be excellent for MIDI at least, we might finally get SMIDI.

    The Edirols where good with the company tweaks ala Cakewalk, but to be honest they should have been the defacto number one standard and remained that way, Roland invented the damn MIDI and Audio over USB compliance standards, and non of the Edirols were even class compliant so that they could do secret squirrel tweaks for Cakewalk, you couldn't make it up lol.

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