Latency Setting Affects Timing of Automation and FX in Audio Record & Export 3.0.10 (still 3.0.12)

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I was testing with FAC Envolver and discovered that macro export audio is not accurate. That means if you record or draw macro automation, it might not be exported as accurately as you might hope, especially with fast macro movements.

Sorry this video is so long.


  • is the irregularity regular?

    what i mean by this, does the inaccuracy happen after the 8th bar?

    i'm getting something on the export process which occurs only after 8 bars. very noticeable on kick drums and very frustrating.

    i'm hoping the 3.1 release will fix this.

  • @cstep4444 I'm not sure how regular the irregularity is, but it should be evident in the video that the accuracy is lost almost immediately on the steep quick movements, unless you can run at low latency and resample the audio.

  • sorry, can't watch the video, travelling through china at the moment.

    is it happening on an audio file or midi?

    i'm getting this weird delay effect on the export but it seems to be happening only audio file and only after 8 bars. it seems to clean up again after another 8 bars.

    anyway, seems like a different problem.

  • alright, bumping this up today. this same issue is still occurring, but I'm here to describe it a bit better now. latency settings affect audio accuracy, or at least the accuracy of fx and automation, both in real time audio recording and audio export.

    in this video, I show that real time recording of the audio result of a compressor with sidechain as well as steep automation are affected by the latency setting, with higher latency setting equating to slower effect/automation response. the most concerning bit, however, is that exported audio is always slower than expected, in a similar manner to using the highest latency setting, regardless of which latency setting you actually have set.

  • Latency setting should have zero effect on a renser, a render should be 100% accurate and exactly the same everytime, no matter what the latency is.
    B3 is definitely a little poorly.

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