console emulation plugins?

so are there any console emulation au plugins available on iOS? if so any that people are using and rate?
I'm talking along the lines of Sonimus Satson or Sknote Strip - these were both essentials on my PC and would be nice to have something similar to use within BM3.

I have tried looking online - but just get loads about jailbreaking and SNES emulators :smile:


  • Non that i have seen, i have made some console presets for B3s EQ, but haven't uploaded them yet, you can use them with a smidge of saturation to pretty good effect.

    Airwindows plugins are open source and are generally the best or as good as the best sounding channel plugins on the desktop, hopefully we can see those ported by somebody at some point.

  • Keep in mind here that nearly all console emulations (No matter what hype they try to say it is) are just EQ profiles with some saturation, and possibly dynamic channel interaction (rare and sounds horrible anyway)
    While B3s saturation is not that nice, generally kept low and even combining with a smidge of overdrive with the right EQ profile, you can get some nice vibe.
    This is why we need effect containers, so this can all be grouped in to a single preset.

  • This is very true, although I do really like the Satson... gives nice character to drums.
    I have been playing about with the BM3 saturator and over drive, as you say can get a good sound going. 100% agree on the effect containers - if It could mimic the capability I& Ableton effect racks it would make life so much easier!

    Haven’t come across the airwindows plug-ins before... looks good and loads there!

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