Has AU fx preset saving been requested yet?

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If not I would like to request this.


  • Just bumping this.

    And wondering what others thoughts are regarding saving presets within the daw?

    Some synths and fx don’t have preset saving functionality saying that it should be built into the daw so eg shaper doesn’t have this facility. So everytime you close the session you lose any preset you have created. Having this built into the daw would make it a lot sleeker too I think.

  • AUv3 preset saving is a mess at the moment since there is no central place to store the presets where all hosts can access them similar to ~/Library/Audio/Presets/App-Name on macOS.

    Currently if you use a hosts preset system to save presets those presets will not be available when using the plug-in with other hosts. For example presets saved in Cubasis can not be seen in AUM and vice versa.

    To work around this 'problem' many plug-in developers have done a custom preset manager storing the presets in their own containers so they are always available regardless of which host is used.

    It remains to be seen when Apple changes the AUv3 preset behaviour in iOS.
    WWDC'18 is near and we can only hope that iOS12 will improve the AUV3 preset handling...

  • @samu thanks for the info. That clears things up for me

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