Is it possible to save macro groups ?

Is it possible to set up a group of macros routed to a particular set of fx and then save this schematic so that it can be all loaded automatically with the press of a button in different sessions ? Which is also effectively a way of saving a predefined group of effects.


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    What makes this complicated is that effect chains can exist per pad, whereas macros are only per bank.

    The closest you can do (for now) is setup your bank with effects and macro bindings before you load any samples/instruments, then save the bank as a template.

  • @tk32 that’s a pretty good idea. You can then save them into say a pack called FX chains. Also that could be a good way of saving your most used favourite FX in light of the fact there’s currently no way of saving audio fx into different folders. Thanks.

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    But you couldnt ever use them ?
    Effects are 99% of the time after the fact, i dont know anybody who sets up a chain of effects and then starts to add sounds.

    We need effects chains in containers with their own macros, savable and loadable and replacable as standalone entities, that have their own category in effects browser, pretty much all DAWs offer a variation of this, especially performance DAWs like B3.

  • @5pinlink yes I did think that too. I think what I was thinking was if I had say half a dozen of my most used favourite fx saved in a bank, I could at least load that bank up in a session and then copy n paste the samples in the bank I want to use the fx on into the fx bank. Or something like that. Haven’t quite figured it out properly. Agreed it’s far from ideal. And proper fx folders browser etc are needed.

    At the moment there is constant scrolling in and out of the fx page and through the unorganised fx page to get an effect every time. Just trying to figure out a workaround with the current limitations.

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