when do you think the iphone version of bm3 is gonna come out?


  • Later this year maybe. Maybe we'll get an update once 3.1 is ready

  • Do the BM developers not answer questions on their own forum? Seems odd?

  • Only one developer does @mathieugarcia when he gets chance to, there are not many IOS developers who even provide a user forum and even less that answer questions publicly.

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    Also, answering such questions is a no-win proposition for developers. Developing software isn’t like delivering the mail, where time and distance are predictable. Any answer they might give would just be At best a wild guess. They have nothing to gain by doing that, nor does the asker by trying to pressure them to do so.

  • I’m a developer and there’s a reason why you have roadmaps, milestones and deadlines. I would be all over this forum building hype and getting community feedback if I was them.

    Anyway it’s no problem, I’ll buy it whenever it happens to come to iPhone.

  • The UI on BM3 is already a bit busy. As much as I would like to run this on my phone instead of my aging iPad Mini 2, I think it would be a bit much to navigate the features on the tiny screen.

    It would have to have a (very) alternate UI.

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