Sample Lost...

I have no way to reproduce this...

I recorded a sample on an audio track. It seemed fine, the whole sound was playing back. It was two big orchestral hits. Then I went into the audio recording to edit the sample, moved the start point to the first orchestral hit. Then I went back to song, chopped the audio sample off at the start of the orchestral hit, and moved it where I wanted on the timeline.

Then I split the clip to get a the second orchestral hit, went in to edit that sample, got the start point where I wanted, back to song, move it on the timeline.

I repeated each of the samples and placed them additional places on the timeline.

Composed more... then I noticed the samples were only palying back the first second or half a second, not the entire sample tail which went on at least 3 bars.

So I saved my project, restarted beatmaker3, then I got an error message that BM3 couldn't find a sample that was used in the project.

Searched the entire bm3 directory, no luck, my orchestral samples are gone =\



  • I get this too from time to time. But I don’t often work with audio tracks...

  • Yes, I reported this as well after trimming my sample after it had been added to the timeline. BM3 was looking for a version [002] of the sample. I think the consensus was that we need to resave the edited sample back into sample directory but I don’t understand why that is necessary. If the sample already exists and is added to the timeline then BM3 should know when you have edited the sample further and saved the session.

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    I full-heartedly agree, however, it seems to be a rather sensitive subject around here...

  • @GusGranite @5pinlink i have been doing the resaving as 5pin advises but that also is not working for me. When I resave the sample into ‘samples’, I then delete the sample from the pad, move the saved sample into my organised sample folders (which you should be able to do at the save part, this is so long winded) and then I reload the newly saved sample into the pad. Then when I look at the sample I see it is an empty flatline waveform. Every time.

  • No idea what is going on, can you do a video ?everything i save saves fine, so i must be doing something slightly different to you :(

  • @5pinlink said:
    No idea what is going on, can you do a video ?everything i save saves fine, so i must be doing something slightly different to you :(

    Ok will try and do. Hope it is just me doing something wrong

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