Crash on export


  • I had a crash on export that was due to a long sample with disk streaming on, and it was from one of your banks =) disable disk streaming on a long sample or trim it down, either way should work. I was lucky in finding the offending sample because it was isolated in the timeline and I could see when the export crashed when reading that sample.

  • Oh man thanks for the tip I'll look into it .... I imporotef that whole Alexia mp3 as a wayv I meat that's it's!!!

  • Hey,

    This definitely seems to be related to the disk streaming / export bug we fixed recently.


  • I also had some issues when exporting my track with the entire acapella loaded in bank A Pad 1 (sliced). I imported the entire acapella audio as a wav file and left it with disk sreaming enabled. It didn't crash when exporting, but after about 1 minute on the exported audio the vocal started stuttering.

    My solution was to bounce the vocals to a new audio track in BM3, and then mute the original vocal bank before exporting.

  • That worked!!!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • Great.

    Wtf is that controller thing with the pixel pig decal?

  • nvidia sheid! super versitile android, espescially if you're into retro gaming and emulaiton

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