Play External Synth.

Hi first of all. Thanks for BM3 i think it the most powerful APP to Produce tracks on the fly.
The effects sound great. i am at the beginning. i use many outboard effects and synthesizers... but yes it needs time to get into it.
I Have a problem controlling a external synthesizer. i only can get one pad to control it. not every note.
maybe there is a easy way to make it.

I made a youtube video to describe my problem.

i am sure someone can help me.
thank you
twitter @mongkong


  • he has the same problem.

  • Interesting! So you need to load a sample onto the pad and make it empty/silent by adjusting the start and end handles, but you can’t use chords for some reason. I wonder if this is already going to be fixed in the upcoming 3.1 update. Thanks for sharing that workaround. Did it work for you?

  • Jep. its a bit complicated but that is not Bad.

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