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What’s the difference between applying BM3 saturation and compression onto a drum bank as opposed to something like say maxima ? Do they both provide the same result ?


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    Maxima is basically a Limiter - so it does not (should not) add any saturation

    ...here is some background reading:

    Uncle Google has many other good articles.. better ones, even ;)

  • @tk32 ha uncle google is indeed wise however I like to tap into the large knowledge base of this forum especially with peoples personal use cases. Isn’t that what it’s for ? ;) thanks for the links

  • I use Maxima all the time for limiting and maximising. I used it on the vocals in battle 08 to make the quiet parts louder and keep the louder parts from getting too loud, and I used it on the master channel to make everything louder without clipping. I'll admit I don't really know when to use saturation and I might sometimes use too much on some things when I want to beef them up some but without changing the sound too much. I am no expert!

  • @ronji yes I’m trying to come up to speed with the differing nuances of the various plug ins. It seems that these basically make things louder while saturation adds some warm colour and subtle distortion I think.

  • Here Henny does the business on an 808...

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