AUv3 Plug-in Synths with Midi Keyboard Latency

iPad Mini 4 with a CME Xkey trying to run Zeeon and KQ Dixie in BeatMaker 3.

I suspect this is with all AU’s and maybe IAA’s. I am getting a lot of latency with my keyboard and it can’t seem to keep up with notes. Any ideas?


  • It seems to be an issue with the one project. No issues with synth apps in standalone, no issues with Cubasis 2, and a fairly larger project had no latency when I added a bank and tried KQ Dixie. The project that had lag was only 20% CPU. I did notice that it asked me if I wanted to search the whole BM3 directory for samples, which it found and loaded up. Not sure if that matters.

  • I have no issues with this synth. Have you checked if ‘repeat’ is on by accident? It’s down on the left in pad view, when ‘vel.’ Is active.

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    Check what @denx said, and also check Ableton link is switched off.

    When repeat mode is toggled on it causes incoming midi to quantise to fixed intervals (eg 1/4th, 1/8th, 1/16th) and therefore can give a false impression of latency.

  • @denx nice one, you got it. It was on repeat at 1/4 note. Thanks so much.

  • Your welcome, happens to me all the time 😁

  • I just had this problem lol thanks this helped I was going crazy

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