Crashes While Writing Automation

I get a crash when writing automation with audiounits. Happens with the AudioDamage DubDelay 100% of the time. Very frustrating. Anyone else have this?


  • When you say writing automation, do you mean drawing it in, or recording it live? If recording live, have you tried stopping the track and then pressing record without the track playing? Myself and others have experienced crashing while trying to record automation while the track had already been playing. I don’t have Dubstation 2 to test with (assuming that’s what you meant cuz I couldn’t find DubDelay).

  • I meant to say Filterstation2... The problem is when trying to record it with the track playing... I guess this is a known issue with recording automation then.

  • @bobotiger I don't have Filterstation 2 either, but this does sound like the same issue. You should still be able to record the automation in live with the track playing, but you just have to press record while the track is stopped. Pressing record will start the track playing, then just wait for the right moment to adjust the controls you want to automate. If you want to record the automation into a specific pattern, you need to activate that pattern first by tapping on it in the track helper (pattern list).

  • I get this with Shaper but not most apps I have tried. Either they can automate or don't but I get few outright crashes.

  • I'll try recreating the crash tonight.

  • Crashing for me here when recording filter automation in Synthmaster 1 Audio unit.

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