Save Pattern with Bank (not working)

I am newbie so not sure if this is a bug or a user error...

I attempted to make a default 'startup' template (bank), which consists of a single kick drum, and a 4/4 two bar pattern.

I saved this bank and ticked the option to save the Patterns along with the bank.

But when i load this bank, no patterns are present.

Is this a bug, or am i doing something wrong?



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    You've done everything correctly, but...

    When you re-load the bank (in another session) you need to tick the button that says 'Load Patterns ON' - this button is at the bottom of the screen and will be OFF by default

    Sorry I can't provide a screenshot right now, I am away from iPad

  • Don't forget that the pattern will not be loaded in to the arranger when you load the bank, this tricks a lot of people.

    You need to open the pattern helper (Top left of screen, next to the beats/time readout) this will show all available patterns for the selected bank.

  • Thanks @5pinlink

    The pattern helper is so essential it's easy to forget new users may not know it's there.

    It needs a dedicated button IMHO

  • Or the existing “button” should be labeled or otherwise made to look more obviously like a button =)

    Also note that if you want the bank and patterns to be loaded and on the arranger timeline automatically, you can save the session and use it as a template. Just make sure you save the session as a new name so you don't change the template.

  • Thank you! Can’t believe I didn’t see that. All sorted now 👍🏻

    Yes the pattern selector/helper was a game changer once I (accidentally) discovered it ... allowed me to enjoy the workflow I hoped for. I come from old octamed tracker patterns past!

    I have to say that beatmaker3 is awesome and I’m incredibly impressed. It’s the only app on my iPad (bought a pro 12.9 especially for it) and I’m not regretting it at all. Also this forum seems friendly, helpful and responsive...cheers!

    I do feel however that the app could be improved further, workflow wise, with a few small UI tweaks. At the moment I feel like there’s a bit too much tapping and window swapping to do simple things, for example that I can’t stop and play the sequence while browsing files. Also would be great to be able to alter values by swiping the numbers up and down (as well as the knobs). I’ll write more thoughts into the feature requests area.

    All the best

  • @tk32 said:
    Thanks @5pinlink

    The pattern helper is so essential it's easy to forget new users may not know it's there.

    It needs a dedicated button IMHO

    That was a huge one I missed for quite a while. Learning that tid bit was a big turning point. I think I may have found it early in my initial GUI explorations but the significance just didn't sink in. Selecting a pattern to record pattern based automation was huge. Sigh, i just hope being able to split patterns and retain automation is a thing in 3.1

  • Yep,

    And the Pattern Helper is also still the only way you can place/duplicate a pattern onto a different bank lane

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