Midi out ?

I am trying to get Propellerheads Thor sequencer to sync to midi clock or even the DM1, Thesys and similar, but I cannot for the life of me find a way or external midi clock out from BM3.


  • There isnt one, do they support Ableton Link ?

  • No external midi out is hard to even comprehend in apps today.

  • @anton101 there is midi out, but I think you specifically asked for midi clock. @5pinlink correct me if I misunderstood...

    E.g. If I want to sequence something in bm3, I have no trouble sending it to sunrizer, or play the bm3 keyboard and hear sunrizer (only app I tried) as long as background audio is on.
    Setting it up is a bit special, in that you have to load something onto a pad (e.g. a sample with gain set to 0) before you can use it this way.

  • Yes , I mean external midi clock out

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    MIDI clock is actually very rare on IOS as it stands, but it has been confirmed by @mathieugarcia that he will add it to B3 in the future ;)

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