Attention: Beatmaker 3.0.10 & Rozeta

edited June 2018 in General

In order to make Rozeta fully compliant with the AU MIDI standard and make it work consistently across all hosts on iOS, I will need to remove a BM3 specific 'hack' inside the plugins (details: Rozeta Conundrum Thread).

This will lead to timing issues when using Rozeta plugins in the current version of Beatmaker 3. The issues will be fixed in the upcoming Beatmaker update (the fix is already in the BM3 beta).


  • If you have critical projects involving Rozeta hosted in BM3 I recommend not updating when I release the next version of Rozeta until BM3.1 is launched or your project is finished
  • If you update Rozeta before BM3 is updated, you could consider hosting Rozeta externally (e.g. AUM, ApeMatrix,...)
  • Updating Rozeta will not corrupt or damage your projects. Only realtime playback timing is affected until BM3 gets its fix.

I am planning to update Rozeta around Thursday.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


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