Banks and bank group focus actions not working as expected?

I've set MIDI focus actions for the first five bank groups. When I press the button on my controller I see the bank group number change appropriately in the upper right corner. Then I set separate MIDI focus actions--one for each bank. When I press the buttons on my controller it moves to the right bank--but only in the first bank! That is, I set the bank group first and then I set the bank, expecting that I should get, say, Bank C of Bank group 3. Instead I get Bank C of Bank group 1 every time. The selection of the bank group doesn't seem to change anything but the number in the upper right corner, which is useless! Perhaps I misunderstand how the bank and bank groups focus actions are supposed to work?


  • Is this visually or do focused actions not get sent to the correct bank either ?

  • @5pinlink if I understand your question, it is both. Before using the controller, here is Bank B of the second bank group (B2):

    And here is Bank B of the first group (B1):

    If I use my controller to select Bank group 2 and then Bank B, this is what I get:

    See how the top bank UI shows the correct bank group but the wrong bnk is loading? I can only get the first bank group to load no matter which group/bank I select with my controller. And yes, the pads play the B1 samples via focus actions set for each pad.

    I believe this is a pretty big bug unless I am missing something...

  • Yeah looks like a bug, big not so sure though, only developers could comment on that.

  • Sure I wasn't referring to the tech lift to fix it. The "big" is the gap between the current UX and the user expectation (mine in this case!). Should I report this directly to Intua?

  • @5pinlink can you comment on process?

  • I havent had chance to test it, need to test it to make sure how much is visual UI error vs control error.

  • So should I alert @mathieugarcia to log the bug?

  • Well it's 2022 and I am having the same exact problem. Any Solutions??

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