BeatMaker 3 beta Builds Expired

Anyone else on beta have this issue? Tried to open BM3 beta 3.1 yesterday but it refused to load. Deleted and attempted to reinstall through TestFlight but was met with BeatMaker 3 beta Builds Expired. No TestFlight Builds are available for this app. We'll notify you when a new build is added. Emailed @mathieugarcia yesterday but haven't heard back yet.


  • There was an update of TestFlight the app itself today. Perhaps that is the issue?

  • If mr Garcia not answering your email it probably the fact that he's on vacation to Greece just now (saw that on Instagram)...
    A couple of days away from keyboard is well worth mr Garcia!!

  • Ironically, when 3.1 eventually does drop I'm probably gonna be too scared to update for fear of it affecting some of my in-progress (and previous) projects.


  • Beta stuff should be kept between yourself and the developers ;)

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