IAA synth is playing back another tracks’s midi ?

I have cyclops running as an IAA but when I play the song back with no midi on the cyclops midi track, Cyclop still plays.

I tracked it down to a pattern on another midi track on a separate bank. Cyclop for some reason plays this other track’s pattern.

I tried changing the midi settings. Changing the channel number, and switching the midi ‘omni’ setting, but I cannot work out why cyclops is playing back another tracks midi.

Am I making a schoolboy error ?


  • @korakios said:
    I don’t have that app , but worth checking cyclops midi properties .

    I dug around in the nidi settings of cyclops but nothing I change seems to affect it...

  • Cant help on this idont have Cyclops IOS, sorry

  • What are the midi output settings for the track that's sending midi to Cyclop? Also check the midi setting of the pad(s) on that track as they can be different.

  • @ronji @korakios thanks a lot guys really appreciate it. Korakios it indeed seems to have been the output device. There were funnily enough three cyclops devices listed. I disabled them and everything went back to normal. What does this setting do? And I wonder why it triggered midi from another channel.

    Ronji the midi settings on the banks for both cyclops and the other triggered track were port None, channel 1, single channel mode and midi out set to all. And for the pad The midi settings followed the bank settings and bank channels. Though I tried a whole bunch of different settings and nothing seemed to work other than the above.

  • @korakios said:
    Now it’s easier to understand what happened :)
    Unless the bug
    was fixed ,you will notice that when you reload the project,same issue will happen

    Your issue is that somewhere you have cyclops virtual midi port enabled (you only need the direct IAA connection which you already have) . Check the Banks midi routing beside pad/pattern routing ;)

    Edit: Explaining better:

    An instrument may have IAA midi (most recent ones do) .IAA midi was a new way to make an instant ,robust connection between the app and host. Midi events are synced with audio and have almost no jitter .
    Virtual midi was the ‘old’ way . It’s kept (IMO as I am not a dev) for compatibility. On high cpu usage midi events on virtual midi usually loose their timing or even dropped .
    Plus they where strange in the way connected.
    App A could have as destination app’s B midi port . But when you switched to app B to check midi settings that routing was not shown,but it was connected. Same applies to vice versa (app B to app A) .
    Sometimes people mistakenly routed twice the midi connection, app A to app B , and from app B to app A and there was double triggering.
    Most of the times those routings where not even saved !

    After your helpful suggestion everything is fine. Even when reopening the session.

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