Sunrizer (BeepStreet) - AUv3 update just released

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The long-awaited AUv3 mode for BeepStreet's Sunrizer synth is currently in beta.

For those who don't know, Sunrizer was one of the gold standards in iOS synths several years back, but started to lose favour when AUv3 became the norm. BeepStreet since launched Zeeon, which is a lovely AUv3 synth, but many have always hoped they would update Sunrizer to play nicely with modern DAWs (and retire IAA for good!)

Sounds like we won't have to wait long!

(ps. the AUv3 will be a free update ;))
(pps. this synth was designed back when the iPad was in it's 1st/2nd generation, so expect extremely good CPU/efficiency - this is also confirmed by some of the beta testers)


  • Isn't this a JP8000 emulation ?

  • Yep, it's a really good JP 8000 emulation and supersaw synth.

    The AUv3 update is out now in the appstore - happy updating :)....

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    Install size: 26.3mb

    Screenshot (AUv3 mode):

    It seems this one is full screen by default - the above screen shot was taken on a 10.5" Pro - you have to hide the keyboard to see all controls :)

  • Here it is with the keyboard hidden. I still can't see the whole thing ;)

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    ps. there is a handy patch randomiser hidden in the UTILS menu

  • That screen issue has to be a bug surely, thats poor.

  • @5pinlink said:
    That screen issue has to be a bug surely, thats poor.

    It doesn’t send midi to the piano roll anyway, apparently...

  • It should be removed then.

  • @5pinlink said:
    It should be removed then.

    It would be even nicer if it worked, with the scale function it has in stand alone...

  • Remember to install all the free patch banks from the "web library"

    There was a nice new one added by AB forum regular SpiderIceMidas a few days back.

  • You have to use the bm3 keyboard for it to send midi. Same thing in GarageBand.

  • So the keyboard can be removed ?

    Can you screengrab it like that and when i do the compatibility thread i will put a line of instruction.

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    Here it is with B3 keyboard hidden and Sunrizer Effects panel docked (taken on 10.5" iPad Pro)
    Note - I still had to scroll down a little to fit all the effects on screen - which is why the preset/patch window is now hidden :/

    I wonder if we now need a dedicated 'safe' area where we can scoll without accidentally grabbing parameters. Synthmaster One needs something similar, but for the horizontal plane!

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    Here's an idea... what about touchscreen grabable rack lanes (just like Reason and Caustic)

    Mock-up image:

  • ...and now that AUv3 UIs are increasingly scalable (and modular) perhaps one-day we may be able to increase vertical space by rotating the iPad into portrait mode?

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