Overdub - Stay on all the time!

Hey Hey!

Just discovered that I can use the "overdub" button to write multiple passes of macro automation on my new BM3 track in song mode.

YAY! But.... It's a pain to have to turn it on every time I press record, so I don't accidentally overwrite any previous macro automation.

Would be sweet if we could globally toggle overdubbing mode on and off like in Ableton.
I would like to leave overdub recording ON almost all of the time as a personal workflow default.



  • Thanks Dean.

    Any tip that makes automation a little less of a PITA is welcome with me.

  • I think we should be thinking a smidge further and supporting all Automation modes that are common across the DAW world right now, Latch/Trim/Read/Write etc, this way a cheap Faderport etc is supported out the box like every other DAW, but also if you are working with other DAWs, things become more common place and simpler to work between the two.

    The more i show people "Yeah that is called this in B3" the more they want to use it, if these standard areas just worked like allother DAWs, it would be easier.

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